Ergonomic Chair

Trains Core Muscles Improves Balance

The Idea

Inspired by Science

Think about sitting as a dynamic activity rather than a passive one, and your body will thank you.

The birth of the Muista chair idea was inspired by a scientific study. It claims that even slight micromovements like fidgeting might be enough to cancel the harmful effects of prolonged sitting. The design goal was clear: the 21st-century office chair shouldn’t compromise on movement. It should encourage it.

All in the name — Muista born from a Lithuanian word ‘muistytis’ — to fidget.
2-in-1 Functionality

Where Design Meets Purpose

3 years of ergonomics & design research resulted in the unique Muista sitting principle that perfectly translates your fidgeting impulses into elegant swaying movement. And not just in one, but in TWO interchangeable sitting positions.

The clean, elegant lines and timeless silhouette will elevate the look of your home office or even make a welcome addition to your dining room.

Ergonomic chair
disguised as a sculpture.

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In-Depth Video Reviews

Recommended by

Health Specialists

Makes Your Back Stronger

“I bought this beautiful office stool for working from home and I love it! I am no longer frozen in one position but I rock and move gently. I feel more strength in my lower back. It really was the perfect buy!”

– Ira Illgen 🇩🇪

Improves Hip Flexibility

“Besides having a flexible lower back and hip movement feature, I’ve found my upper posture improved. Shoulders upright and back straighter. This is huge!”

– Hanna Hartnell 🇺🇸

Boost Focus and Concentration

“A surprising side effect is that rocking on this stool helps me focus while working! The stool has been really helpful for lower back pain – and it looks nice as well. Can’t go wrong with that!”

– Saima 🇫🇮

Entertaining Way To Sit!

"It is perfect for everyone - kids to adults. Besides being a healthy way to sit, it’s just a fun chair that we all want to use!"

-kkamboy 🇯🇵