Muista Chair XL – for standing desks


Upgrade your standing desk setup with a sculptural ergonomic chair that will enhance your whole office sitting experience.

The intuitive rocking movement will exercise your back muscles, maintain your balance sense and improve circulation. And not just in one, but in two sitting positions

Muista XL chair is our suggestion for people who like to sit higher, sway wider and look farther. Are you the one?

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Quality = Longevity

Standing Desk Chair for Life

This office chair is made for those who value long-serving functional furniture and are motivated to improve their sitting habits.
A sturdy frame of press-molded 17 layers of beech plywood, protective rubber feet-pads, and cozy yet strong wool or recycled polyester fabric ensures you will be able to enjoy this chair for many years.
Designed with taller people in mind (above 180 cm / 5’10”), but also welcomed by any other brave souls who don’t mind a fun acrobatic challenge.
QUALITY FABRICS | Choose between wool or recycled polyester upholstery by Gabriel Fabrics. Cozy Upholstery
TOUGH FRAME | 17 layers of beech plywood, press-molded into solid frame – no moving parts to break. Tough Frame
FLOOR PROTECTION | Rubber feet-pads protect floors and make movement smooth & soft. Floor Protection

Sitting is ok if you do it on the right chair.


Active sitting provides an outlet for excess energy at work. When the body moves, the mind follows!


Ergonomic seats and specially cast rubber feet-pads ensure comfortable sitting and smooth movement.

Balance upgrade

With time the balance exercises will increase your body’s courage for a wider range of movement.