Muista Chair – for regular height desks


Ergonomic chair designed for effortless exercise while sitting for hours in the office.

Intuitive rocking micromovements engage your back muscles, maintain your balance sense & improve circulation. And not just in one, but in TWO interchangeable sitting positions.

While your body is being entertained, the mind can concentrate.

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Quality = Longevity

Ergonomic Chair For Life

Muista Chair was created with the utmost quality, combining 2-in-1 multi-functional ergonomics and longevity-aimed production.
The ergonomic seat is upholstered with tough wool or recycled polyester fabric and sits on a sturdy press-formed beech plywood frame, reinforced with heavy-duty rubber feet pads. The construction has no loose parts to break, so you can enjoy a long-lasting chair for many years.
Look at what our customers say about the quality of their Muista chairs on Trustpilot:
QUALITY FABRICS | Choose between wool or recycled polyester upholstery by Gabriel Fabrics. Cozy Upholstery
TOUGH FRAME | 11 layers of beech plywood, press-molded into solid frame – no moving parts to break. Tough Frame
FLOOR PROTECTION | Rubber feet-pads protect floors and make movement smooth & soft. Floor Protection

Recommended by Physical Therapists.


Ergonomic seat and heavy-duty rubber feet-pads ensure comfortable sitting and soft movement.


Intuitive micromovements release your fidgeting impulses and provide an outlet for excess energy.

Getting Better

Over time the balance exercises will increase your body’s courage for a broader range of acrobatics 🙂

Customer Reviews

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Alexander Warkotsch

Muista Chair - for regular height desks

Holy cow!

I received my chair today (the packaging was genius!), and I can already feel my back/core muscles working! I have sciatica, and I can feel the chair working the same muscles I use in physical therapy. I'll have to work up to a full work day on it, but I kind of expected that, based on the reviews here. I can't wait to see how much stronger I get in it!


I have been using ergonomic chairs over the years. Don't get me wrong, they were not bad, but the MUISTA chair is way better! I feel my back relaxed and strengthened. I spend hours in front of my computer and not only does the chair works miraculously, but it also acts as de-stress product. I couldn't recommend it more!



Hye You
Hard seat cushion

The seat cushion is hard. It's difficult to remain seated unless I am working.
The saddle position especially feels like it's crushing my crotch. The side position is a little better.
The chair is just a bit taller than I'd like it to be. I am 5' 3" and weigh 125lbs.

Also this isn't really Muista's fault because I didn't know how much a wool seat would bother my skin, but it's pretty uncomfortable. It's summer and I am in shorts 24/7. The back of my thighs are always chafed and red because they get irritated from this chair. I don't own anything made of wool but I would have gotten a different seat if I knew how much a wool seat would bother me.

All in all, I wish I had tried the chair before I bought it. I tried a Sleek Foam kneeling chair at my friend's recently and I would have bought that intsead if I knew, and that is also a cheaper chair. I was willing to pay for the shipping to return it, but shipping it back to LT was more expensive than the chair itself.

Thanks for your feedback, it is very important for us!

As I see that only a few days have passed between you receiving your Muista and writing this review, it might be that you just need to give your body some more time to adjust to a different kind of sitting.

Most of our customers get used to it in 2-3 weeks' time – some of the muscles that were used to inactivity while sitting on flat-seat chairs have to start working while sitting on the Muista chair.

I am sorry to hear that you did not like the wool fabric, as it is the most popular choice among our customers. Maybe covering the seat with some cloth might help during the hot summer periods?

Best wishes!
Customer Service Manager