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On a Mission to Bring Back More Movement into Your Daily Lives

We design and produce furniture that provides exercise & entertainment for the poor stiff bodies of contemporary home or office workers.

While research clearly shows that city people these days move too little in their work and home environments, our products are a timely solution to this problem. They bring much-needed exercise through intuitive & pleasant micro-movements. With Muista, you can say goodbye to office inactivity fatigue.

We also cover the needs of the restless and fidgety ones. The swaying and rocking motion gently releases our fidgeting impulses and calms us down. While Muista keeps your body entertained, the mind can concentrate.

Our History and Future

Muista started in 2018 with our first product – the Muista chair, designed by Aurimas Lažinskas and funded by his cousin Gytis Štaras.

We started as a designer-run company, so with the success of our first product, a few years had to have passed by simply learning through trial & error the basics of business and production management.

After reorganizing the Muista company in 2020-2022, we now feel we gained some muscle for a few new product ideas, which are set to launch in the first half of 2024.

Some of the products will not strictly follow our primary mission of active furniture. Developing ergonomic and comfortable furniture for production is usually quite a serious long-term project that can take a few years. Such projects can become a real challenge of patience, so for the sake of sometimes clearing our heads, we are also tinkering with some small-scale creative products that will not be mass-market oriented. Some things will be just poetry for the sake of beauty and creativity release. While others will be equally useful, as the Muista chair is.

So, stay tuned.

Wood components production

All materials used in the Muista Chair production are carefully selected from reputable sources in the EU. The frames of the chairs are produced by our partners – the wooden components production experts of Bester Studio in Poland  (800km from Muista Studio in Vilnius) who have dedicated decades to 

perfecting their craft, ensuring your ergonomic chair will last for a long time. Bester’s focus on detail and the use of natural materials combined with an ecological production process ensures that each product meets the highest quality standards.

Assembly Procedures

The assembly, finishing procedures, and packaging of our ergonomic chair are conducted inside the Muista studio in Vilnius, by our colleague’s Povilas own hands. As sturdy as our chairs are, we want to make sure they reach you in perfect condition. Muista chairs are delivered wrapped with custom 

boxes that keep them in place perfectly to prevent any damage while the chair is in transit. Our packaging allows us to avoid using packaging fillers and we also choose water-based glue instead of scotch tape which makes our packaging at least a bit more eco-friendly.

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    Muista Chair – for regular height desks

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  • Muista Chair XL – for standing desks