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Motion in sitting

This chair promotes healthy movement habits, helping you stay active and focused. Research shows that integrating movement during sitting improves blood circulation, engages core muscles, and promotes better posture.
We appreciate fidgeting, as it helps reduce stress and maintain focus. Therefore Jojiko encourages and responds to movement with a gentle rocking and swaying motion. Two comfortable positions, saddle and bench, allow you to easily switch and avoid sitting fatigue.
Our ergonomics principle works perfectly – take a look at what our customers say about the Muista chair, our earlier, signature product on Trustpilot:

Built to last

While designing this chair, our focus was on two things – perfect ergonomics of movement and longevity of the product, so that it could be used for many years.
The seat is upholstered with high abrasion resistance fabric to withstand your swaying and rocking impulses. Sturdy steel tube legs attach with six bolts to the underside of the seat, which features a thin yet strong joint inside. Heavy-duty, cast rubber feet-pads fixed on the legs enable smooth rocking movement while protecting the floor.
Successfully tested for 100 000 rocking cycles with 110 kg (242 lbs) load.